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Orbit API

Add, edit, and delete notes on a member

Available on Starter, Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on the Enterprise plan

Learn how to create, edit, and delete a note from a member profile.

Notes are a great tool to record background info on a member in your community. They’re especially useful if you want to share some information you’ve gathered with other teammates. You can use them to record things like:

  • Former jobs/companies (”X used to work at company A, B, and C”)
  • Life events (”X is on parental leave. Will be back on 6/11/22”)
  • Goals (”X is using our product because...”)
  • Meeting notes, emails, or DMS
  • Concerns around the product that they need addressed before purchase

So let’s get you started on using notes!

Add a note to a member

Go to a member profile, and then click on the ‘Notes’ tab (Or press ‘N’ on your keyboard as a shortcut!)

You can also click the Notes icon under the Member's name on the member profile.

You’ll see a text box at the top of the Notes section. Type here, press ‘Add note’, and you’re done!

Want other teammates to know that you’ve added a note to a member? Don’t worry - your teammates will be automatically notified via an in-app notifications of your note.

Example notification that your teammates will receive when you add a note to a member profile

Edit a note

To edit a note, click on the [...] menu, and then click ‘Edit’. Note that you can only edit notes that you’ve authored.

Delete a note

Click on the [...] menu and then click ‘Delete’.

Note that you can only delete notes that you’ve authored.

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