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Orbit API

Add an activity to a member

Available on Starter, Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on the Enterprise plan

This guide will walk you through adding a custom activity to a member profile and adding a custom activity to multiple member profiles.

Sometimes you just want to add a single one-off activity to a member profile. Some examples include:

  • You had a zoom or coffee meeting with a member
  • They spoke at an event on your behalf
  • They wrote a guest post for your community blog

So here's how you add an individual activity to that member's profile:

In those cases, navigate to their profile page ad click Add an activity:

The 'add an activity' button is outlined in pink.

Clicking that link will open a dialogue for entering details about the activity.

The Add Activity modal

Fill the modal out as follows:

  • Title: what you want to call this activity (e.x. Spoke at conference)
  • Occurred On: the date that the activity occurred. Defaults to today.
  • Description: add more details about this activity (e.x. Spoke about communities of practice at our online conference)
  • Link Text (optional): what you want the link to say (e.x. Communities of Practice Zoom Link)
  • Link URL (optional): link to a URL relevant to the activity (e.x. URL for the conference zoom talk)
  • Key (optional unique id):
💡 Don’t see the activity type you’re looking for in the Activity Type dropdown? That means this activity type doesn’t yet exist in your workspace. You’ll need to create a custom activity type first.

Adding one-off activities to multiple members in your workspace

If you find that you need to add one-off activities to multiple members in your workspace, you may want to consider importing these via CSV. Here is specific documentation to help you to do this.

Looking to automatically add activities to your member profiles? Add a plug-and-play integration (where we'll do it for you!), use Zapier, or check out the API.

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