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Orbit API

Merge duplicate members

Merging members is the process of unifying several member profiles into a single member profile.

The automated way

When two members share the same identity, they correspond to the same person. Orbit will merge the member profiles automatically.

The semi-automated way

When two members share the same name, 'John Glenn', or have distinct identities with the same username, 'johnglenn' on Github and 'johnglenn' on Twitter, it's likely that the members correspond to the same person. Orbit will create a merge suggestion that you need to review.

You can review merge suggestions one at time by clicking the Review Duplicate banner on one of the member profiles:

To review all the merge suggestions for your workspace, click the button with the merge icon above the members table:

The manual way

When you know that two members correspond to the same person, visit one of the member profiles and click Merge Members:

Alternatively, search for and select the two members in the members table and click Merge Member in the members table menu.

How to review a merge suggestion

You will see both members information shown side-by-side so you can compare them.

Pick one of these three options:
- Not a duplicate
- Merge
- Snooze the merge suggestion if you're unsure

By clicking 'adjust settings' next to the merge suggestion count (see above), you can prioritize the merge suggestions to review for your workspace:

  1. From recently active members
  2. With a minimal number of member attributes to compare

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